Methods of Treating Misaligned Teeth

Methods of Treating Misaligned Teeth

A lot of people deal with the fairly frequent issue of tooth misalignment. Some people no longer even think of it as an issue, believing it to be a structural issue with their teeth. This is untrue, though. Teeth misalignment, sometimes referred to as malocclusion of the teeth, is a real condition. When your jaw is closed and your teeth are not in alignment, it is called malocclusion. An underbite, overbite, or crooked tooth may be the cause of this.

Treatments for misaligned teeth

  • Metal braces

The use of metal braces to straighten the teeth is one of the most popular and traditional treatments for crooked teeth. These are tiny metal brackets that are cemented to the teeth using dental adhesives. The brackets are then tightened together with an orthodontic wire to apply pressure to the teeth. Severe tooth misalignment is a proven benefit of metal braces.

  • Invisalign

Clear Aligners is another name for Invisalign. These are clear trays that are produced specifically for each patient, depending on the dentist’s measurements of the patient’s teeth. The user has the freedom to take out these aligners whenever they’d like because they are not cemented to the teeth. These aligners go unnoticed since they are transparent. The user must remove these aligners for eating and brushing in order to maintain their transparency. Dentists advise wearing these aligners for 22 hours per day, even though they can be taken out whenever desired. Furthermore, severe misalignments are not a suitable fit for Invisalign.

  • Ceramic Braces

Metal braces and ceramic braces are identical. The main distinction is that, in order to make it less obvious, ceramic or clear brackets are used in place of metal ones. Dentists even use coloured wire that matches teeth.

Misaligned teeth, or malocclusion, is a disorder that is frequently inherited. Based on the facial features in the family, some people have a genetic issue where their teeth are misaligned. You can get help from a dentist near you to learn more about it.

Misalignment Types

It is necessary to identify the types of teeth misalignment you have before you can comprehend how to fix it. There are five main categories of dental misalignment that patients experience.

  1. Overbearing

When your upper jaw and teeth cross over your lower teeth and come into direct contact with your gums, you have an overbite. The front teeth are where this problem is most noticeable. An inherent type of misalignment is an overbite.

  1. A severe bite

The exact opposite of an overbite is an underbite. When the jaw is closed in this position, the lower front teeth overlap the higher front teeth. Another natural misalignment is an underbite.

  1. Openbite

When the upper front teeth do not overlap or contact the lower front teeth, it is known as an open bite. Even when the jaw is closed, this usually results in an open gap between the front teeth. The habit of thumb sucking is the most common cause of an open bite.

  1. Bite-sized

When the jaw is closed, a crossbite occurs when the upper and lower teeth bite inside one another due to improper sideways alignment of the jaw. Crossbite is a natural issue that depends on the jaw’s form.

  1. Crowded Teeth

There is a designated area in our mouth and jaw for our teeth. When this gap isn’t filled in completely, the newly formed teeth may actually squeeze out the existing ones, causing misalignment and crooked teeth. This kind of misalignment is also not brought on by an outside force.

An orthodontist can determine the best course of action for you once they have determined the precise kind of tooth misalignment you have.

Your Dentist Knows Best

Surgery is rarely needed for bite correction; orthodontic treatments usually suffice. A dentist in Ambleside will suggest a remedy that is specifically designed to meet your needs, regardless of the issue at hand.

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