Sedation Dentistry in Ambleside Near Windermere

Sedation Dentistry Near You

Visiting the dentist can stir up feelings for patients, namely anxiety, hesitance, and fear. Thankfully, modern dentistry has given us a safe and reliable way to address these natural but debilitating challenges.

Sedation dentistry in Ambleside can help you relax while your dentist tends to your smile. Our community dental office provides this treatment to all who need it. Speak with a local dentist to learn more about it.

Sedation Dentistry in Ambleside Near Windermere

What is Dental Sedation? Why is it Used?

Sedation dentistry is a unique area of oral healthcare that involves providing medicine to patients that enables them to remain calm in the dental chair. This treatment, while typically reserved for patients who struggle with more severe issues, can indeed be administered to patients of all ages with various needs.

Your family dentist in Ambleside will give you a carefully selected dose. Throughout your appointment, they will monitor you for any adverse reactions. Furthermore, it is wise to remember that not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental sedation. If you are not given the go-ahead, they will work with you to identify another means to stay comfortable.

Types of Sedation Offered

A few types of sedation dentistry near Windermere are available, and they are:

  • Nitrous Oxide
    Colloquially known as laughing gas, this is a mild form of sedation, and is administered via a mask over the nose. You are kept awake but feel euphoric. Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe for patients of every age. Since you are not put to sleep, this method is often used when conducting minimally invasive processes.
  • Oral
    Oral sedation, as the name illustrates, involves ingesting the medication orally (in the form of a pill). Depending on your needs and what your dentist deems is best, oral sedation can have mild to moderate effects. You will still be awake but quite woozy.

Regardless of the form of sedation you acquire, it is good to have someone drive you to and from the clinic.

Only dentists who possess the right qualifications can give patients sedation. Before doing so, they will consider your anxiety levels, the treatments you need, and your preferences. They will explain all potential side effects associated with this treatment. Should you have further questions, please let your team know.

Who Can Receive Dental Sedation?

If any of the following applies to you, a local dentist near you may approve you for dental sedation:

  • Have a dental phobia
  • Low pain tolerance
  • Need a complex or lengthy procedure
  • Special needs
  • Dealing with other health conditions like epilepsy

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