Mouth Guards in Ambleside Near Windermere

Mouth Guards Near You

No doubt you’ve heard of a mouthguard; these little devices may seem like no big deal, but they are actually a very valuable piece of equipment. Dental guards are designed to protect your teeth from injury, which, in turn, helps to preserve the health of your smile.

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Mouth Guards in Ambleside Near Windermere

How Do Mouthguards Protect Our Smiles?

Unfortunately, despite being strong enough to withstand daily activities like biting and chewing, our teeth are not indestructible. If we aren’t careful, they can become fragmented, loose, or knocked out of your mouth. This is why any dentist will recommend wearing a protective device when participating in sports, whether recreational or competitive or if you’re dealing with bruxism.

Your mouthguard is a cushion, absorbing impacts and pressure that could cause damage to your teeth, gums, jawbone, lips, and tongue. The device separates your top and bottom row of teeth from grinding against each other, preventing enamel erosion and unhealthy wear.

If you wear braces, a mouthguard can also help prevent your brackets and wires from breaking, eliminating the need for additional appointments.

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What Types of Mouthguards are Available?

The main types of mouthguards are:

1) Custom
To receive customized mouthguards near you, you’ll need to schedule a visit with a professional. They will examine your oral cavity and take impressions to ensure your device fits you precisely. These mouthguards are typically fashioned from high-grade dental plastic, making them much more flexible and comfortable to wear.

Though they are the most expensive choice, they offer the most protection, won’t slip around in your mouth, and will last several months.

2) Boil-and-Bite
This is a type of over-the-counter guard and is often available for purchase at drug or sports stores. Though it does not satisfy your oral dimensions as well as a customized device, it is somewhat molded to your smile.

Prior to wear, the guard must be softened in hot water. Then, you bite down into the material to form an impression of your smile.

3) Stock
A stock guard a widespread and most affordable option but offers the least protection. It won’t last you as long, so you’ll need to acquire a replacement sooner than if you have a customized mouthguard.

Typically, stock guards follow the one-size-fits-all rule.

While any local dentist near you will first and foremost recommend getting a customized mouthguard, the best choice for you depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Feel free to do some research and talk to a professional to get a better sense of what your options are.

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